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Since the seventeenth century, Venezuela has received some influences from Christopher Columbus like: language, religion, gastronomic, and others. Venezuela has started to produce sugar cane, after Spanish Conquistadors came from Asia and cultive the sugar cane in the Venezuela lands. Since that, Venezuela has started to produce their own rum which well-known roneros say that between Venezuelan Rum with the other rums worldwide, Venezuelan has different exquisite taste comparing with the other rum around the world. Venezuelan Rum with Designation of Origin has being prominent and globally recognized with recognize awards that classified a unique flavor tasty flavor. This Blossary will show all the brands of Venezuelan Rum with Designation of Origin.

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This Venezuela Rum is an elixir for the MOST demanding and experienced palates. Resting for long periods from 8 to 10 years in oak with previously selected American oak. The rum master chosen with ...

Domain: Beverages; Sektör/Alan: Distilled liquor

It's a Venezuelan Rum 100% handmade, exclusive product of aging heavy rums from alcohols produced in stills or pots. It is a blend of rums under 12 years of age. Born in 2000 to celebrate the arrival ...

Domain: Beverages; Sektör/Alan: Distilled liquor

Cacique 500 is a rum that is born as a commemorative limited edition of 500 years of the discovery of America. Its flavor is full, velvety and elegant on the palate, remember the softness of cognac ...

Domain: Beverages; Sektör/Alan: Distilled liquor

This rum has a long tradition in Venezuela which combines the technical and craftsmanship in its preparation. Comes from the combination of four types of aged rums of the highest quality, blended to ...

Domain: Beverages; Sektör/Alan: Distilled liquor

In the bulletin of the Autonomous Service for Intellectual Property (SAPI) No. 459 of November 4, 2003 it was reported that Ron Designation of Venezuela is a denomination of origin of the Venezuelan ...

Domain: Education; Sektör/Alan: Knowledge

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