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Marine biology is the scientific study of the organisms that live in the sea, home to countless strange and wonderful creatures. Marine life helps determine the very nature of our planet. Marine biologists today use available tools in their study of the sea. Much remains to be learned, and the oceans remain a realm of great mystery and excitement.

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குளிர் seeps இடங்கள், continental ஓரங்கள் அலைகள் பெரும்பாலும் அல்லது sediment-உயர் வடிநிலப் போன்ற, வளைகுடா ஆஃப் மெக்ஸிகோ, எங்கே மீத்தேன் மற்றும் ஹைட்ரஜன் sulfide தயாரிப்பில் நுண்ணுயிர் விவகாரத்தை ...

Domain: Biology; Sektör/Alan: Biogeography

Squids are prominent members of the midwater community. Some swim weakly while other strong-swimming squids are part of the nekton. The vampire squid looks something like an octopus but is neither a ...

Domain: Biology; Sektör/Alan: Marine biology

Eelgrass is widely distributed in temperate and cold waters of the Pacific and North Atlantic. It is most common in shallow waters, sometimes exposed at low tide, but has been found at depths of up ...

Domain: Biology; Sektör/Alan: Marine biology

Sponges are best described as aggregations of specialized cells. These are among the structurally simplest multicellular animals. Almost all sponges are marine. They live permamently attached to the ...

Domain: Biology; Sektör/Alan: Marine biology

A specific type of learning in which animals learns that when it performs a particular behaviour it gets a reward, usually a fish. Dolphins, killer whales, and pilot whales in captivity quickly learn ...

Domain: Biology; Sektör/Alan: Zoology

The zone lacking oxygen, muddy bottoms, and sediments with absolutely no oxygen are said to be anoxic. This anoxic zone has more organic material to decay and use up oxygen. Secondly, the flow of ...

Domain: Biology; Sektör/Alan: Biogeography

Kelps are the most complex and largest of all brown algae found in sea. Most kelps are found below the low tide level in temperate and subpolar latitudes. These kelps grow in great abundance, ...

Domain: Biology; Sektör/Alan: Marine biology

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