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This blossary contains some of the most interesting thoughts and ideas related to human life on Mars. Armed with these powerful technologies, humans can finally make Mars a home away from home. Thanks to TermWiki's "Invent a Term", which allows ordinary people to have a voice in space travel, many of the thoughts and ideas expressed represent drastically different approaches from those envisioned by NASA and other scientific communities for enabling life on Mars. Feel free to share your ideas and discussions.

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Water manufacturing is the process to produce potable water by combining oxygen and hydrogen atoms together with artificial means. Both hydrogen and oxygen are among the top three most abundant ...

Domain: Natural environment; Sektör/Alan: Water Collected Term

The oxygen battery is a bio-implantable device that can be placed inside a person's blood vessel so it continuously releases oxygen into the blood stream to be used by the body's cells. It's a ...

Domain: Anatomy; Sektör/Alan: Human body Collected Term

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