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The feeling of tired muscles working to get rid of the lactic acid buildup accumulated from anaerobic metabolism. Some learn to appreciate it and continue training despite the pain.

Domain: Fitness; Sports; Category: Bodybuilding; Weight loss; Exercise physiology

The indicator of how much the body needs oxygen, alongside shortness of breath. A higher heart rate is a good indicator that one is doing aerobic exercises with more intensity.

Domain: Fitness; Sports; Category: Weight loss; Workouts; Exercise physiology

The type of muscle fiber in a given muscle. The difference between fast twitch and slow twitch is a trade-off between power and endurance: fast twitch is sprinting, slow twitch is marathon running.

Domain: Sports; Category: Exercise physiology

Important to any exerciser, rest allows the body to recuperate and repair the microscopic damages done to the muscles and bones so that the body comes out fitter than before.

Domain: Fitness; Category: Bodybuilding; Weight loss; Workouts

Twitching is still a physical activity, and some studies have shown that those who twitch or do some minor physical activity lose weight just a little faster than those who don't.

Domain: Fitness; Sports; Category: Bodybuilding; Weight loss; Exercise physiology

When the body creates an oxygen debt from running too hard so that the muscles and metabolism can't keep up, the body will use oxygen to burn fat and glucose after the exercise. That is the afterburn ...

Domain: Fitness; Category: Weight loss; Workouts; Bodybuilding

The formal indicator of intensity is how much oxygen is consumed by the body during an exercise; thereby indicating how much fat and energy is burned during the exercise itself.

Domain: Fitness; Category: Bodybuilding; Weight loss; Workouts

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