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Organic chemistry

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Organic chemistry

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Micro-clustered water is water whose molecules, having undergone [[EN:electrolysis


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C 20 H 24 N 2 O 2 A crystalline alkaloid that melts at 174–175_C (345– 347_F) and that may be derived from the bark of cinchona; used as the salt in medicine. Also known as _-quinine.

tetraethylene glikol

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HO(C 2 H 4 O) 3 C 2 H 4 OH A combustible, hygroscopic, colorless, water-soluble liquid, boils at 327_C; used as a nitrocellulose solvent and plasticizer and in lacquers and coatings. Abbreviated TEG.

dietil eter

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C 4 H 10 O A colorless liquid, slightly soluble in water; used as a reagent and solvent. Also known as ethyl ether; ethyl oxide; ethylic ether.

demir asetat

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Fe(CH 3 COO) 2 _4H 2 O Soluble green crystals, soluble in water and alcohol, that are combustible and that oxidize to basic ferric acetate in air; used as textile dyeing mordant, as wood ...

izobutil asetat

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C 4 H 9 OOCCH 3 Colorless liquid with fruitlike aroma; soluble in alcohols, ether, and hydrocarbons, insoluble in water; boils at 116_C; used as a solvent for lacquer and nitrocellulose.


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_CH 2 _ A radical that contains a bivalent carbon.

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