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What is AMUSE?

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Advanced Multimedia Services for Residential Users. An experience that take place between 1993 and 1995, whose overall objective was to directly observe the propagation paths by which the Mediterranean water penetrates in the North Atlantic, including direct observation of Mediterranean vortices, or meddies. The measures included repeated high resolution section XBT and RAFOS float deployments in the underlying of the Mediterranean in the South of the Portugal near 8. 5 ° W. total \\u000aUn of 49 tanks have been deployed at the rate of about two floats per week 23 Portuguese boat cruises Kialoa II and a cruise of the effort of R\\\/V. The floats are weighted to 1100 or 1200 decibars begin the lower salinity core of the undercurrent. The objectives of the study of float are: ** to identify where meddies forms; \\u000arendre the first direct estimate of the frequency of formation of meddy. \\u000a* to estimate the fraction of time meddies are formed; and ** to determine the paths by which the Mediterranean water, which is not supported in the trap in the meddies enters the N Atla

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