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What does "the cloud" mean?

It seems like more and more technologies are offered on the "cloud". What is the cloud, exactly?
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Cloud computing refers to the use and access of multiple server-based computational resources via a digital network (WAN, Internet connection using the World Wide Web, etc.). Cloud users may access the server resources using a computer, netbook, pad computer, smart phone, or other device. In cloud computing, applications are provided and managed by the cloud server and data is also stored remotely in the cloud configuration. Users do not download and install applications on their own device or computer; all processing and storage is maintained by the cloud server. The on-line services may be offered from a cloud provider or by a private organization.

21:42, 4 July 2011


Cloud computing is where the processing and data storage for an application is done on an offsite collection of computers - the "cloud" - and the results of that computation are sent back to you. For example, a basic tablet PC may not be able to render a 3D image very quickly, but it is able to send the relevant data to the cloud and receive the rendered image back. It allows us to use any application regardless of how big or resource intensive it is on practically any internet enabled device.

03:15, 24 June 2011

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