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What are the visa requirements for visiting Singapore?

Do US and Canadian citizens need a visa to visit Singapore? What if someone only has a U.S. green card?

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American passport holders do NOT need a visa to visit Singapore, however, they are subject to the following requirements (from the Washington-based Singaporean embassy's website: http://www.mfa.gov.sg/washington/): 1) The US passport should be valid at least six months beyond the last day of intended stay in Singapore; 2) Valid entry visa to the next destination (if required); 3) Confirmed onward / return air ticket; and 4) Sufficient funds for the period of stay in Singapore. Also, it goes on to say that holders of "non-regular travel documents" (which I would assume includes a foreign passport with a US Green Card) need to contact the nearest Singapore Embassy or Consulate to find out exactly what you'll need to visit. Hope that helps, and have fun in Singapore (if you can figure out how to get there!).

00:52, 14 April 2011

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