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How can I beat Shrink Ray Island on Poptropica?

My brother is having trouble with the game. Can anyone on TermWiki help?

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For those kids that like to play Poptropica's Shrink Ray Island, here are some step-by-step moves you can try to beat the game. Most of the following tips are taken from Wiki Answers. '''On Shrink Ray Island''' # The introductory sequence in River City has only two locations: the school science fair and Avenue A, where the story's main character (student CJ) lives with her family. Go right to the school, P.S. 101, where it is the night of the school Science Fair. Inside you will see the student exhibits, but CJ is missing. Talk to her science teacher, Mr. Silva, and to her parents. Leave the school and go right again, to Avenue A. # Enter the apartment, which has an orange cat outside. Follow the cat into the kitchen, and the bathroom, until it vanishes. Look in the microscope in CJ's bedroom. There is a warning from her. # A masked stranger will appear and shoot you with a ray gun, and you will shrink, becoming only about 2 or 3 inches tall (5-7 cm). '''Shrunken in CJ's Bedroom''' # Climb the telescope to the bulletin board, where you will find coordinates for the school. You will use these later. The only thing you need right away is the fan. Make your way across the room and climb onto the fan, which will move lower on its post. # Push the red button to turn on the fan, which will blow the dust from under the bed, exposing the Thumb Drive for CJ's computer. Pick it up and continue right. # Go past the book shelf and computer desk. Above you is a desk lamp, a wall thermostat, a microscope, a diary on a shelf, and a computer. You can put the Thumb Drive into the computer, but the password "Marie Curie" doesn't work. So continue right into the apartment entrance and Living Room. '''In the Apartment''' # Jump over the cat's paw at the apartment door. There is an aquarium, a TV, and a remote control toy truck. There is a door leading to the bathroom, which has a sink, tub, and toilet. Continue right to the Kitchen, which has a refrigerator, a countertop, cabinets, and a trash can. Farther right is the stove and the Dining Room table. You cannot immediately get to the truck's remote control, which is atop the refrigerator. '''In the Kitchen''' # Climb the drawers to get the Screwdriver. Continue up to the counter, and go right to the stove. # Push the Rolling Pin in its holder to the right, which will shove the Tea Kettle to the right on the stove. You can ride the steam from the kettle to reach the shelf, where you will knock over a bottle of oil. # Jump down and slide the cat's food dish left across the puddle of oil. It should go just to the right side of the counter. Climb back up and jump onto the bag of cat food (4 or 5 times), which will spill down into the dish, filling it and forming a large clump. # Climb down and push the cat dish right so that you can climb onto the table. # Pick up a grape and grab the piece of paper. It appears blank but smells like lemon. '''Caution!''' Once you have the grape, go to the toaster. If you leave the kitchen, you may lose the grape and have to begin the island over using "restart" on the small map. # Head left and climb back onto the counter, where you will use the toaster. Click on the plug to plug it into the socket. With the grape you picked up, you are now heavy enough to push the lever down. When it pops up, you drop the grape and are thrown up to the top of the cabinet. # Push the salt shaker left, onto the left side of the spatula. When you jump on the right side of the spatula, you toss the salt into the air. When it comes down, you are thrown left onto the top of the refrigerator, where you can retrieve the remote control for the toy truck. # Climb back down to the Trash Can. Push the sponge over, and jump to the top of the spray bottle, then into the trash can. '''Inside the Kitchen Trash Can''' # Your object is to move the garbage around so that you can go right to where a torn page is visible. This is from CJ's diary. Slide the cans, or cheese, in the stacks so that you can move right and climb up to it. Pressing "restart" will let you try again. Do not push where a stack might fall on you. # Once you have it, go left and climb out. (You can choose Restart to get back to the left.) Leave the kitchen and go left to the Living Room. '''In the Living Room''' # Find the toy truck and back it up. Use the screwdriver to remove its battery. # Put the battery in the TV's remote control and press the green button. # The TV will turn on. Climb to the top, where the "rabbit ears" antenna is getting a static charge. Stand on it and you start to sparkle from the charge. # Jump to the TV , then left onto the green balloon. The static charge will make you stick to it, and you will land on one of the picture frames. Jump down to the shelf above the aquarium. # Knock over the fish food into the tank. The fish will start to eat. Jump down, turn off the filter (aerator) and swim to the bottom of the tank, where you will find the hidden key to CJ's diary. Go back to her room and to her computer.

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