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AT&T plans to pay $48.5 billion to buy DirecTV, the top U.S. satellite TV operator, in a bid for growth beyond an increasingly competitive cellular market. The deal, announced on Sunday, comes ...

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Apple and Google agree to bury patent hatchet. They have agreed to drop all lawsuits between them, setting aside one of the many issues that divide the two technology giants controlling the ...

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AMID all the drama of Solangegate, it's become apparent that Beyonce has had a Roman numeral IV tattoo removed from her ring finger. So what does it mean that Beyonce has removed the tattoo? It's ...

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"Magic Mike" fans can see Channing Tatum show off his dramatic chops in the new film "Foxcatcher," whose trailer was released Monday. The film is based on the true story about ...

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Donald Sterling says he and his wife, Shelly, are in the process of divorcing, following a scandal that had the L.A. Clippers owner banned for life by the NBA. "The poor girl; I don't know ...

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Researchers have found that industry claims about the e-cigarettes are unsupported by the evidence to date and that they may be exposing people to more than harmless vapor.The study also disapproved ...

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A pair of wildfires flared and thousands of residents fled amid drought conditions and spiking heat in California, but both blazes had calmed as night fell and the winds that had whipped them ...

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