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Primary orthopedic doctor that takes care of an injured patient and his/ or her physical therapy.

Domain: Health care; Sektör/Alan: Orthopedics

Special devices, such as splints or braces, used to treat posture problems involving the muscles, ligaments, or bones.

Domain: Health care; Sektör/Alan: Orthopedics

Provides static progressive positioning for correcting of the mildly to severely contracted ankle and foot.

Domain: Health care; Sektör/Alan: Orthopedics

Serial casting is a common procedure used by physiotherapists to stretch the different muscles in different parts of the body due to injuries or muscle tightness.

Domain: Health care; Sektör/Alan: Orthopedics

An orthopedic device that helps treat elbow injuries and restore elbow extension in a patient.

Domain: Health care; Sektör/Alan: Orthopedics

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